Letter From The Chair

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Innovatus, the magazine of the League for Innovation in the Community College!

Throughout 2018, the League is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its founding. Since innovation is at our core, it seems appropriate for this first issue of Innovatus to have innovation as its theme.

With a mission to cultivate innovation in community colleges, the League has spent five decades promoting and facilitating the creative risk-taking and problem-solving that seed innovative thought and action among educators and leaders in these institutions. League projects, events, publications, and partnerships create networks of community college faculty, staff, and administrators who openly share the process of innovation, from false starts and messiness to breakthroughs and successes.

Innovatus offers yet another venue for showcasing innovation and connecting innovators. In this issue, the cover story about a recent conversation between two game-changing leaders of the League complements articles featuring effective innovations, thought pieces on innovation itself, and other items celebrating and recognizing the innovative spirit of community college practitioners.

On behalf of the League for Innovation, I invite you to spend some time with Innovatus, and to use what you find here to initiate conversations on your campus—and perhaps stimulate innovations of your own.

Sylvia Jenkins

Chair, Board of Directors, League for Innovation in the Community College
President, Moraine Valley Community College


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