Student Developer Champion

Rachel Huggins, Wake Technical Community College

Student Technology Champion

Drew Dearden, Montgomery County Community College


Congratulations to the 325 faculty, staff, and administrators from 67 member institutions who received 2023-2024 Excellence Awards for exemplifying exceptional teaching and leadership!


The 2022-2023 Innovation of the Year Awards celebrate innovations at 32 member institutions and honor the 219 individuals who designed, developed, and implemented these initiatives to improve and expand service to their students and communities. The League applauds these efforts!

Visit www.league.org/node/1430531 to access the League Awards Program, which includes Excellence Award and Innovation of the Year Award recipient names and congratulatory messages.


Letter From the Chair

The past few years have required community colleges to grapple with the effects of a worldwide pandemic, economic uncertainty, and social upheaval.…

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Addressing Social Conditions to Support Student Success: A Community College Imperative

How could a 25-minute drive in metro Phoenix impact life expectancy by 17 years? In Philadelphia, individuals in zip codes only five miles apart have…

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Continuing Education Scholarships Boost Upskilling, Reskilling, and Cross-Skilling Opportunities

Financial obstacles continue to burden individuals who are seeking to advance their careers. Acquiring student loans and working multiple jobs while…

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Employers on Campus: Cultivating Sustainable Talent Pipelines With Data

Education Design Lab hosted Fellows from Harvard’s Project on Workforce during the summer of 2023. The Fellows conducted interviews with community…

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Gateway to Innovation: Transforming the Workforce Ecosystem

Hudson County Community College (HCCC) aspires to reach new levels of excellence to provide its diverse communities with inclusive, high-quality…

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Supporting Student Parents: An After-School Program on Campus

Many colleges provide programs and services that help student parents succeed, such as on-campus child development centers, welfare-to-work programs,…

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What Goes Into Your Health?

What goes into your health?

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Catalyzing Positive Societal Change: The Synergy of Community Colleges and Nonprofits Within Workforce Ecosystems

What happens when you make a unified effort to successfully connect workforce ecosystems not only to pave the way for meaningful employment, but also…

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