Top Five Barriers for Students Considering College

(Source: EAB High School Counselor Survey, Fall 2021)


College Non-Consumers: More Familiar Than You Think

(Source: American Communities Survey Data, U.S. Census Bureau)


The Postsecondary Decision Journey: COVID-19 Effects on Students of Color

(Sources: Brookings Institute and YouthTruth)

Talent Shortages Force Shift From Cost-Containment to Asset Management

(Source: Current Employment Statistics, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Pandemic Losses Largely in On-Site, Entry-Level Jobs

(Source: EDUCAUSE and CUPA-HR QuickPoll Results: The Misalignment of Preferences and Realities for Remote Work)


From Great Resignation to Great Sansdemic

(Sources: The Demographic Drought: Bridging the Gap in our Labor Force)


Letter From the Chair

The past few years have required community colleges to grapple with the effects of a worldwide pandemic, economic uncertainty, and social upheaval.…

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Fueling Dual Enrollment Momentum to Combat Declining College-Going Rates

Since 2020, enrollment at community colleges has declined 5.4 percent, which has prompted institutions to reflect on practices that impact student…

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Designing Our Colleges for Change: The Leadership Challenge of Processes

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, many educators recognized that higher education is operating in an increasingly complex and volatile world. While…

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San Carlos Apache College’s New Traditional Vision of Enhancing Student Support Services

San Carlos Apache College (SCAC), one of the newest tribal colleges in the U.S., has become a major player in efforts to build an innovative, yet…

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Can AI Actually Bring Instructors and Students Closer Together?

In today’s community college classrooms, technology is everywhere you turn. As higher education institutions embrace the role of emerging…

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Retention at the Intersection of Wellness

Higher education has been in upheaval for the last two years due to the pandemic. Broader funding for higher education has increased, but funding for…

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SPOTLIGHT: Celebrating Excellence

Congratulations to the 319 faculty, staff, and administrators from 64 member institutions who received 2022-2023 Excellence Awards for exemplifying…

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A New Model: How Community Colleges Are Centering Learners and Their Skills

As we look back at how the pandemic has shifted higher education, the message moving forward is that the learning and upskilling experience must…

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