Welcome back to Innovatus, the magazine of the League for Innovation in the Community College.

Those of us who work in the community college field know just how important it is to share our successes and lessons learned with others to inform policy and enhance practice. Our willingness to respect the strong foundations upon which our institutions are built while leading the charge toward a better tomorrow for our students is what makes community colleges strong.

In this issue of Innovatus, the League highlights innovative ideas and efforts that bring back-to-basics approaches into the future. In these pages, readers will

• Consider the capabilities approach as a way of enabling students to achieve their potential;

• Reflect on the importance of clearly defining, promoting, and providing the resources to meet an organization’s vision;

• Learn about an innovative intervention to address food insecurity as a barrier to student success;

• Explore the implementation of competency-based education in STEM courses to improve learning;

• And more …

On behalf of the League for Innovation, I encourage you to use the articles featured in Innovatus to generate new ideas and the discussion of possibilities at your institution. There is so much we can learn from each other; let’s take this opportunity to do so for the benefit of the students we all serve.

Sylvia Jenkins

Chair, Board of Directors, League for Innovation in the Community College
President, Moraine Valley Community College


Community College Mission: From Access to Capabilities

The traditional mission of the community college flows out of several principles and characteristics of the institution, its local communities, and…

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Competence vs. Completion: Does Passing Equate to Learning?

Science education is in crisis. Students in STEM programs across higher education fail, drop out, or change their majors at alarming rates. Two years…

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Insights Into Higher Education Innovation: How Institutions Organize and Prioritize to Spur and Increase Innovation

Today’s financial, political, and higher education environment poses unprecedented challenges. Public financial support and trust in quality,…

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Change Minds, Behaviors, and Outcomes Through Effective Leadership

Today’s community college landscape is evolving, and change seems to be a constant—particularly at institutions embracing innovation as part of their…

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Spotlight – Walmart Brighter Futures 3.0: The Optimal Industry Partnership

With Walmart Brighter Futures, the League for Innovation in the Community College continues its long history of leading workforce development…

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We’ve Come A Long Way, Baby: 21st Century Apprentices Set Up for Success at SAIT

The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) began in 1916 with 11 students and two pieces of donated machinery. Over the last 100 years, SAIT…

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Innovative to Address Food Insecurity as a Barrier to Graduation

According to Wisconsin HOPE Lab’s Hungry and Homeless in College (2017), 67 percent of community college students across 24 U.S. states are food…

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Challenges Community College Students Face

Challenges Community College Students Face

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From Speed Bump to On-Ramp: Holistic Assessment and the Reinvention of Placement

The last decade has seen a remarkable and much-needed wave of innovations in developmental education, and the mechanisms for placement are no…

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