Innovatus Magazine-Spring 2023

An Interactive Classroom Success Story: Examining a Multi-Year Study of How to Successfully Deploy Engagement Tools
Learn about the impact of implementing a multiple-solution student engagement platform. Faculty from Phoenix College will review a multi-year study and share best practices for using interactive engagement...
What Comes Next? How to Reengage and Reconnect With Today’s Community College Learners
In this virtual roundtable for senior leaders, gain a better understanding of how the pandemic has changed student attitudes and behavior, see how out-of-industry examples can inform your new engagement strategy,…
Do Robots Belong in the Classroom? Building an Intentional Learning Community With Support From Artificial Intelligence
At community colleges across the country, instructors are tapping the potential of inquiry-based discussion, powered by artificial intelligence, with the aim of boosting engagement in online classes.
Understanding and Rebounding From the Great Resignation in Community Colleges
EAB and the League for Innovation share the latest data on community college staffing trends, impacts on students, and strategies for stabilizing campus teams. Uncover staffing trends, employee motivations and needs, and best practices…

Community Colleges in the Now Normal
Tri-C continues its work with partner high schools, employers, and four-year colleges and universities to provide open access to credit and workforce opportunities as well as transfer pathways to a four-year degree,…
An Innovation That Could Transform the Community College World
By accelerating changes already underway in the workforce and adding new options for how we learn, work, and live, the COVID-19 pandemic has renewed attention on a classic dilemma in education…
A Change of Focus
Not every innovation requires a seismic shift in thinking. In some cases, innovation arises from a simple change in mindset and the courage to try a small adjustment in the way we address a problem.
The Library of Tomorrow
The Library of Tomorrow is the heart of the campus, with a well-designed, welcoming space that meets student needs and fosters a sense of community and belonging. The library should also provide interactive…
The Frankenstein Monster of College Catalogs
It was not designed to be a horror story, but it turned out to be one. The package arrived on a dark and stormy night, sent by a friend who knew of my obsession with community college catalogs.
Empowering Students to Become Career-Ready Citizens Using a Skills and Mindsets Framework
The rapid advancement of technology and the future of work have increased pressure on the knowledge and skillsets needed for success in the workplace. Social, political, and economic challenges…

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Spring 2022 ISSUE

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Letter From the President

Founded in 1968 by B. Lamar Johnson and a dozen U.S. community and technical college presidents, the League for Innovation in the Community College (League) has proudly served community college institutions for 54 years.

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Partnering to Better Meet Students’ Basic Needs

Community college faculty, staff, and administrators have long been innovators and problem solvers. Indeed, the League for Innovation in the Community College (League) was founded over 50 years ago when B. Lamar Johnson brought together...

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From Food Pantry to CARE Center: A Holistic Approach to Student Basic Needs

When Northeast Texas Community College (NTCC) applied to participate in the League’s Innovative Solutions for Hunger Relief and Student Success Project in 2019, project lead Carmen Shurtleff had no idea...

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Project Firstline: Infection Control in Community College Curriculum

The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored gaps in infection control knowledge and practice in healthcare settings nationwide. In spring 2021, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) partnered with...

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The Collective Impact of Community Colleges and Communities: Workforce Development With Wraparound Services

The League for Innovation in the Community College (League), with support from the Garcia Family Foundation, is leading a three-year collaborative project designed to support low-income, first-generation...

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Building a Model for On-Ramping Underserved Populations to Career Pathways in Retail Management

Working with the Western Association of Food Chains (WAFC), and with support from ECMC Foundation, the League for Innovation in the Community College (League) is engaged in a two-year project to demonstrate...

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Innovatus, Spring 2022, Spotlight

Congratulations to the almost 300 faculty, staff, and administrators from 60 member institutions who received 2021-2022 Excellence Awards for exemplifying exceptional teaching and leadership!

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Northeast Texas Community College: Serving Students in Need

As Northeast Texas Community College transformed its new food pantry into the CARE Center (see From Food Pantry to CARE Center: A Holistic Approach to Student Basic Needs), staff and students used a variety of activities to...

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